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The Little Island

Illustrated by Robert Starling

There was once a farm where all the animals were friends. Together they looked after the farm and each other. It wasn’t perfect and they didn’t always agree (animals almost never do), but they liked it. But the Geese have hatched a plan to leave the farm... will life be perfect for them now?


A powerful modern-day fable for our times told with humour and warmth, and most importantly, hope. A story of building bridges not barriers, respect not resentment and of finding friendship, not fear.

Praise for The Little Island


'The Little Island eloquently illustrates the pitfalls of isolation... Clear, comic and ending on a hopeful note'

- Guardian

'Animal Farm for our times... a little island of sanity in the rising tide of insanity around us' 

- Axel Scheffler, creator of The Gruffalo


'An allegory with a 'better together' theme'

- Sunday Times, Best Children's Books of 2019


'An elegantly written fable about division, with serious soul.'

- Sally Phillips


'I love it... the overall message is hope and the power of togetherness which is a lesson that many adults could do with hearing.' - Dom Joly

'My book of the decade' Kwame Alexander

Published 3 October 2019 (Hardback)
Published 2 April 2020 (Paperback)

Published by: Andersen Press
Buy this book from: (UK)Paperback


Hardback cover

The Little Island paperback cover

Paperback cover

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